Need A House Sitter?

Why not have the peace of mind in knowing that we’ll be taking care of your beloved home and pets, giving them the same love, care and attention that you would.

We’ve owned homes of our own and have had people house-sit them too, so we know how important it is to know your belongings and pets are in safe hands.

We absolutely love animals of all shapes and sizes. George has a particular affection for—and experience with—all kinds of dogs, barnyard beasties, birds and Guinea Pigs. Tony is most-likely part cat. We’ve yet to have this medically verified, but he has frequently been known to make new feline friends at the drop of a hat.

Traveling the world and meeting different people from different cultures has given us a great respect of other people’s beliefs and choices, whether they be political, religious or lifestyle. We’re LGBTQI (and their fur people) friendly.

We’ll be spending the next three years house-sitting around the world while we continue to write our romantic comedy novels and research a book about global travel. You never know, your pet might end up being the inspiration for a critter in one of our books!

To get an idea of how neat and tidy we are. Feel free to check out our reviews from hosts on AirBnb.

We’re registered on the following house-sitting websites, where you can view our security credentials and contact us.  Just click on an image below to be whisked to your site of preference.

A few furry friends from our travels…