Hi There! We’re Georgina Penney and Tony Johnson, a couple of globetrotting romantic comedy writers.

We write under the pen name, Evie Snow and you can find all our books here.

In mid 2018 we took early retirement from being global expats to write full-time. Our initial grand plan was to buy our dream home and settle in one place, but after only a couple of months of attempting this great feat of normality, we’ve realised we can’t give up the travel we love so much.

So, in typical “George and Tony” nomadic fashion we’ve decided the most fun thing to do (and the most inspiring) would be to travel the world for a couple of years, house sitting.

As authors, there’s nothing more wonderful than getting to meet new people and to experience new things and as eternal pet lovers we get to also meet a whole bunch of critters in the process!

If you’d like us to house sit for you, just go here and follow the links to the sites we use. We look forward to meeting you!